Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's Been a while...

Ohmygoodness.  I'm not even really sure where to begin.  I've had all these blot posts floating around in my head forever... and now they seem so outdated!

I've had a bit of a reality check with X.  You know, he's annoying, frustrating, aggravating, etc, etc, etc.  BUT - my new supervisor is currently going through a divorce.  And wow.  Was I and am I lucky.  There are whole other worlds of pain you can go through.

And when we took Nathan for a blood test last week - X came.  And I used his wife's insurance.  And the woman who took the insurance info was so impressed.  "His wife?"  and "He's here, too?!"

And when X didn't let me into his apartment when I went to pick the boys up to bring them to Hebrew School (don't ask) & I spoke to him about it the next day.  I asked:  "What sort of message do you think it sends to them?"  And he stopped.  And he thought about it. And we talked about it. And I thought, you know... he's a dick... but...

So.  My new job.

I started last Monday, so I've been there one full week.  I think it will be good.  Except -- my new supervisor (who is great, really) is, as I mentioned, going through a (rough) divorce.  She has two kids (4 & 7) and has just been promoted to supervisor.  Remember how I wasn't sure how *I* wanted to be a supervisor with just all *I* have on my plate...  Well.  This woman is a ball of stress.  And I so, so, so feel for her.  And I so, so, so know where she is and what she's going through.


She's so busy & stressed that I really have to focus her to find out what I need to do.  And it gets me stressed (collateral stressage?).

But - It's so cool!  I mean, I've never even really worked with people who have kids!  Now I'm with a woman who is a single mom, two kids....  It's like we speak the same language!  It's really wild.

I'm sure it will even out.  It's only been one week.  AND..... the BEST part:  It's SO CLOSE to where I live!  3 miles!  40 minutes by subway!  I drop the kids off at the bus in the morning - it picks them up 8:20 - 8:30 & I'm there.  On time!  I was so worried about it I actually did two test runs - one via bus and one via subway!  PLUS - my new supervisor lives nearby & can drive me home sometimes.  AND, she says if I need a lift there I can call her.  AND, Max & her son know each other from day camp last summer.  AND Max & her son want to meet to talk about divorce!!  Can you believe that?!?!  She told her son about Max -- and he said he would like to talk to him.  I told Max & he nodded his head sagely..."Maybe he could email me."  (Just like his mom!)

My sitter is back - with her one month old baby!  It's so great to hold an infant... to see an infant.  And she's so calm about it!  It was raining her first day & she has to walk with him - in the Baby Bjorn - to pick the boys up!  I call her:  "How will you do this?!?"  and she just replies "Ummm..... with an umbrella?"  Oh.  Right.  I'll stop now.

So, I guess that's kinda it for now....  Gotta go catch up on my blog READING now.  Really fallen behind with that, too..

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G4 said...

Yay - congratulations on your new job, it sounds great!