Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm moving

Well, I'm going to try it out anyhow...  I find myself thinking more and more that I give out too much information on this blog.  I'm starting another one that's totally anonymous.

SO - if you for some reason want the address for the new blog, feel free to email me at: withoutarulebook at (I NEVER said I could come up with short pithy email names!) and I'll send you the link.

Pretty sneaky, I know.  But a girls' gotta be careful.

Hope all five of you will come on over!  (ok, sometimes there are 10!)


Poker Chick said...

wait! I can't email you or else I will lose anonymity :)

leave me a comment with that name and url, if that's cool.

QuJaBaKa said...

Oh my goodness, you can't do this, how will I find you!!! Oh thats right I have you on my facebook!! Anyhow I have some treasure for you which I have passed on in turn. You are however welcome to put it here to save your anonymity.

Anonymous said...

If I am stuck here in WaldoLand and don't get to read about your life, I will go crazy! Ok! I know I already am crazy, but you can't just shut the door, what will I do? Is it okay to call you sometime? I looked up your phone number. Wanda Wynona will be soooo disappointed if we don't know what happened to you.
Your Friend,