Tuesday, November 04, 2008


So I spoke to X yesterday.  I am going to have the kids for Thanksgiving.  It is his turn - but I asked if I could have them.  I just cannot bare (bear? I never know that one!  Should probably just write "stand".) the thought of not having them with me for this big family holiday.  And since he's not American...

But his wife is.

And his Dad is going to be here, too.

But we're going to be in NYC - watching the parade, and Thanksgiving is going to be at my Uncle's apt - on Central Park West -- and J's family is going to be coming, too.  (Yep, families are pretty much all blended....)

So I asked X & yesterday he said ok.  "Bring them by Thursday night" he said.  But he said, his wife said "Does this mean we will never have them for Thanksgiving?"  And that really really touched me.  I love how she thought about that, and voiced it to him.  She wants them to be a family -- she considers my kids part of her family, to have them with her for that holiday.  And that's really really cool.  I don't feel threatened by that at all.

But *I* want them.

But dontcha know, being me... I feel guilty.  See how I take this situation and still manage to over think it & feel guilty about it?

Never a dull moment, being me.

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Gwen said...

It's nice to hear how nice she is. I just hope X doesn't chew her up and spit her out .....

(always the optimist, I am).