Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Just Stuff

What? Did you think that I wouldn't continue what I was going to write about last night? Do you think that I would let you, my blog reading public, do without?! Please!!

SO. Started off the day by waking up in bed totally alone. You know - hasn't happened too much lately. Between boyfriend & kids .... I've grown used to sharing the bed all the time. Like I used to. (ANd honestly: between you, me, and the millions of people who read this - I'm not such a good bed sharer. I believe the two words: "bed hog" have been used when talking about that. But we'll let that go for now.)

THere had been a problem. For a while. Of the kids wetting the bed when they'd come in. So I said that I would put a sign on my door saying "DO NOT COME INTO MOMMY'S BED UNLESS YOU STOP OFF AND MAKE FIRST." They thought that was so cool. It actually became a topic of conversation: Where would I put the sign? What would I make it out of? WOuld it stay up?

Who says we don't talk about interesting stuff here?

But what was I going to talk about?

I don't know - and now I have to get into the shower.

But don't worry - I'm not going anywhere (anywhere BIG that is) and I'll get back to you. And just think, this will add that extra bit of anticipation to your day!

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