Thursday, May 11, 2006

Losing It

THis morning I asked my sitter to come a bit later. I didn't have to be at the job until 10; so figured I could take Max to the bus. We're getting ready but cannot find his shoe. Nope. Can't find it.

So I tell him he has to wear his sneakers. You would've thought I was telling him he had to wear foot clamps! We looked all over. I looked in the garbage, in my closet, in my dresser drawer - could NOT find that shoe.

So, finally after much anguish, tears, frustration and yelling - he puts on his sneakers and we get ready to go. Gwen (my sitter) comes in & as we're walking out the door we tell her about the trauma. The door shuts. She opens it: "I've found the shoe!"


Where was it?

"It was in the middle of your room."


Ok. Where's the other shoe?

Where you left it.

And the lost shoe was where!?!?

Sitting there. On the floor. In the middle of your room.

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