Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's Thursday!!

Thirteen Things I Have Floating Around In My Head (In no particular order.)
1…. I'm so tired; why am I doing this?
2.... Was that a mouse or a dust bunny?
3..... How am I ever going to lose those extra five pounds if I eat pop tarts?
4.... Gotta buy that Power Ranger Costume.
5..... Don't you dare buy that Power Ranger Costume!
6.... Not gonna see J. for another week.
7..... Can't believe it's the (Jewish) New Year again ALREADY!
8.... I'm so tired, why am I doing this?
9.... Am I allowed to use the same thought twice?
10.... I don't think these lines look straight.
11.... I need glasses.
12.... Shit - have to make Max lunch!
13.... How did I get a mosquito bite on my butt?
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