Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Second Half of the Weekend

Well, I wrote about the first half of the weekend on O.B. - so in the interest of equal time, here's the second half. You like how I do that? Split the weekend so I have a little for this one, a little for that one. That takes skill, you know. Skill and know how - and I have them both in SPADES! (Omigod. Totally cracking myself up!)

So, on Sunday, after the battle royal to get Max to Hebrew School (which I should probably call Religious school, since they don't really learn Hebrew yet...) the kids and I went to go play tennis w/J and his daughter. It went really well. She is really cute and sweet and my boys love her & were totally vying for her attention. Actually, J and his daughter were defintely the cool ones. I was relegated to ball fetcher. Kinda nice to sit back & watch others do the work, though!

As we're getting into the car Max goes: "Daddy has a girlfriend!" "Oh, yes? What makes you think that?" "Well, I heard her say on the phone that she was at the zoo with her boyfriend, and I knew she was with Daddy... so...." "Oh, I see." "And I asked Daddy - and he said yes."

When I talked to X about it today he said that then Max said to him: "Why didn't you tell me earlier?!?" And then went around tellng all the kids at McDonalds that "My Daddy has a girlfriend!"

There's no figuring these kids.

But, it was a great day, everybody seemed to feel comfortable, and I finally had the chance to see another part of J's life... which I never really get a chance to. Not that I feel kept out... but when you don't see a person's home, or their things.... it's a huge part of them. Just wait 'til October - when he moves! (I'll report back about any strange stuff he might have!)

Sooo tired by the end of the day, long day Saturday, up early for bloody Religious Education on Sunday, then out in the sun, all day Sunday... But so nice


G8torJAW said...

So she didn't say "my unemployed boyfriend"? Interesting...

ALM said...

I love my blog readers! :)