Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sometimes life's good...

Today when I came home from work Max said to me: "I'm going to do a book report." "Huh? What?" "I did one today in school, and I'm going to do one now." And he got a book, got his "Book Report" notebook, sat down, read the book and wrote about it. Complete with the "moral of the story."

Is this my son?!?

I remember last year at this time when I was getting notes from his teacher: "Max isn't behaving." "Max won't sit down." "I"m putting Max on a "behavioral" plan." And every day I had to read and sign a report about his behavior. And at home, he would be all over the place, each evening was a battle.

Now he's just so much more..... settled. I mean, ok, he still jumps off the back of the couch, but....

And the tennis lessons - I have never seen him so involved and excited about something! He is totally owning it, practices it, enjoys it.... Ahhhhh....

Is this what it's like when they get older?

Nathan.... well - he's doing really well, too. My mom was really great the other day when she asked me why Nathan has so many gender issues? Like why does he say he wants to be a girl? I said it's probably his age... or else maybe he's a transexual. My mom was all: "Well, we need to nip that in the bud!" "Umm, mom - either he is, or he isn't." To which she replied that she did NOT believe that, and that I should find somebody for him to talk to.

Maybe my $100/session shrink?

And J - well J has moved into his new apt - and I went there yesterday. Sorry to report, nothing really strange there to talk about... He does have a gorgeous painting that was done by his daughter - it's amazing... and not too much else of note. But he's still moving stuff in, so I'll keep you all posted.

He gave me a key to his new place. (Hear the trumpets?!?!) I'm on a quest to find an open locksmith (why are they always closed when I try to go? Is it me?) so I can make copies of mine.

THe kids have stayed over at X's girlfriend's two times already. Once on the weekend, and again last night. They sleep in her bed (hope she has plastic sheets!) and she sleeps on the couch.

From all reports (from the kids) she really seems very nice. They've been talking and talking about her. You know X - he's not really much of a "giver." And I get the sense that Janet is. And the kids know it, and are responding to it. And I don't even mean material stuff.... but even just how she is responding to them. And to X. I mean, she's already invited him to move in with her if he doesn't get a job by end of October.

So, all that's pretty good.

Just don't ask me about money.

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Gwen said...

That's great about Max. I can imagine how proud you are.

And I'm laughing about Nathan and your mom's concern for his mental health. We have a neighbor girl that I'm almost sure will be gay (not that it matters, ahem) and her parents are of the mindset that homosexuality is a mental illness, so I hope I'm around to see how that turns out.

Glad to hear J finally got his own place. I've been concerned about that, honestly. A key! Pretty big stuff!

Okay, and X's girlfriend is going to let him move in with her??!??!?! Do you feel like you should maybe send her some anonymous mail or something, just because she's a woman and you're a woman and we're all sisters? Aiyiyi! I hope that works out for her.