Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thirteen Things that my kids have done, just today, that made me smile
1…. Thinking they could prevent a punishment by telling me what they did wrong from the distance of our fifth floor balcony.
2.... Watching tv on the couch - standing on their heads.
3.... Singing along to Elton John on the Muppet Show - playing toy guitars.
4.... Telling me that he wants to tell his first grade teacher that my mom's cousin is going to jail. (Yes, he is. Federal. 18 months. X told him - I wouldn't have.)
5.... Telling me: "Boo Yankees! Yea Mets!"
6.... Insisting that I sit with them on the couch to watch Beeker's Hair pop off - and laugh hysterically each time we watch it.
7.... Talking about the boy in the playground who was wearing a Red Power Ranger Costume... and could I get them one?
8.... Thinking that I'd really have thirteen things I could list.
9.... Telling me the story of Christopher Columbus, then singing, under his breath, the "Columbus on the Ocean Blue" not thinking I can hear him.
10.... Telling me that he has packed plastic spiders, vampire bats, and tarantulas, upon hearing that my sister will be sharing a room with us on our weekend away this weekend - knowing how she is SO scared of spiders.... (Wait. Could I make that sentence any more awkward? Awkwarder? Aardvark? Sorry. Too tired.)
11.... Nathan telling me that his teacher said I can't send in popcorn for lunch, and how he does NOT want yogurt, it's too much - and could I PLEASE make sure to include the Scooby Fruit Roll-ups - NOT the other fruit roll ups. The Scooby ones.
12.... Going to sleep with the fan on, even though it's like 50 degrees out - and putting the fans RIGHT NEXT TO their heads - so that their hair is blowing back like they're dogs with their heads stuck out a window.
13.... They fell asleep together, in the same bed. Links to other Thursday Thirteens!1. (leave your link in comments, I’ll add you here!)
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