Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Food Glorious Food

So I'm doing this - trying to raise money for the NYC Food Bank. (And there is supposed to be some way to get that button on your website and not have it be just a picture, but link to my donations web page.... But - no - I could not figure it out.
I don't know. I got a Daily Candy email about it -- and it just kind of jumped out at me. (And maybe, perhaps, could be that the fact that there were no walks involved... could have been a bit of the draw. I'm not saying definitely... but COULD have been.....)
But seriously. I like the fact of how only one dollar can provide five meals. So it makes me feel that the little bit that I can afford to donate will actually make a bit of a difference.... So I feel like this is something I can ask other people to donate to as well.
I know, of course, that all the "big" charities are very very very important and worthwhile... but unfortunately I guess I feel like it's kind of like voting. Does my one little bit make a difference? (I know, I know, every little bit counts, it all adds up... but I'm just being honest here! That's how I feel!)
So - I hope the link works. And I hope that you'll think to maybe donate a few dollars....

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