Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Test Results

I spoke to Nathan's pediatric endocrinologist today & his growth hormone levels are absolutely normal! They're not even low! They are right exactly in range! Hooray!! And what makes this even better is that every other time we've tested the levels it's just been a "regular" blood test. This one was the Big Test - so it's really the final say.

And, can I say how much I love his doctor. This guy is the chief of pediatric endocrinology over at NYU - and he answers his own phone, is kind approachable... and loves my son! He just does. I can see his face light up when he sees him... and what mother doesn't like to see that. (Ok, what mother doesn't like to see that on a non-threatening, not a stranger, male. Anybody else - stay the F away!)

So, just still keeping him the low level of synthroid & just have to bring him back in Dec for a final follow up. Dr. says he's probably have a growth spurt when he's 12 or so. I'll keep you posted.

(Oh my. Would that be a good or a bad thing if I'm still doing this blog in 7 years...?)


Family Adventure said...

It is always great news to get good results from the doctor, but no more so than when it concerns your children! I was not aware that Nathan was being tested. Were you doing this because he is shorter, or was there another reason? In any case, WOO-HOO for the all-clear.
Obviously, blogging in 7 years would be a great thing! I'm looking forward to reading then, too!
- Heidi

Lisa said...

Great news.