Thursday, October 11, 2007


Some background, I guess, on Nathan & the testing. When he was around 2 his pediatrician noticed that he was below the curve on weight and height. She did some blood work & he tested low for the growth hormone.

Over the years we've had him followed by a pediatric endocrinologist. What it meant was blood tests about every six months, and coming into his office to be weighed and measured. (Nathan. Not me. Thank goodness!)

His hormone level soon came back up, and while it took him a while to make it on to the charts he was always growing. He actually always followed the chart exactly, the same growth rate, just right below...

Last year he had an x-ray of his hand to check his bone age. If the bone age is the same as the age represented in his actual current height weight, that's good. Meaning: his current height/weight is for a 2 year old, and his bone age is also for a two year old - even though he's five. But that's good - means that he'll probably catch up. If his bone age was for a five year old & height weight for a 2 year old, that would be a "problem." (And by problem I need to put this in perspective... the most he would need would be daily hormone shots. It's not life threatening, it's not more invasive than that....)

After that the Dr. pretty much said he was ok & that he didn't need to come any more... but then he tested a bit low on his thyroid - so the Dr suggested the big (FOUR HOUR) test that we did two weeks ago. Even at the test the Dr said he didn't think there was anything... because even though Nathan's small... he hasn't actually ever stopped growing. He said if there was a deficiency, he'd have stopped growing.

So, hopefully that's that. And honestly, while I want my child to be the best and the healthiest he can be... all this testing makes me wonder .... to what end? I mean, subjecting him to all this so he could be a few inches taller? It's not like it's a serious health issue, or anything... And this Dr is actually very conservative with his testing! But it's done - and I actually didn't even have those thoughts until after we went through the 4 hour test and it was so dreadful... if I went back in time & was told to do it again, would I? Put us all through that? Siigghhh.... I'd like to say "no" but I'm not so sure.


my minivan is faster than yours said...

I'm just glad it's behind you guys! Always so interesting to read other people's stories. I'm just glad he's okay (minus the orange pooh that I now know he once had :)

Family Adventure said...

You did the right thing having him tested thoroughly, but I am sure you are both glad you don't have to do it again.
Interestingly, my eldest is always under the curve for weight. But since he is following his own trajectory, parallell to 'the norm', the doctor is not worrying about it. I think as long as they see a consistent gain, they are not too worried, which is what you also confirmed.

Just wait...Nathan'll have a massive growth spurt and outgrow his brother!

- Heidi

Kate said...

My little brother was always short skinny and pasty looking, he did the same growth curve thing and was still shorter than me by a long way when I stopped growing at 16. I made it to a whopping 5'5" and now the little bugger towers over me, he is over six feet high and goes to the gym on a regular basis, has women falling at his feet and calls me little sister. The testing set your mind at rest, nothing wrong with keeping track along the way. Bet he will be patting you on the head in no time!

Anonymous said...

Hey, kids scare you to death, that's their job!! Not to alarm you, but even when they are 27 or 25, they still scare you! My grandson, Christian has a big head. Or at least he used to. Now he is almost 6 and his body has finally grown around that "Pumpkin"! Now I'm talking a size 7 man size hat! But you know what? Einstein had a big head. After all the tests were done they came to this conclusion:
"The kid has a big head." Of course my nephew Creek Stomper is six foot seven and weights 360. So everyone comes in all sizes. I just reread all this. I hope it encourages you, and doesn't depress you! ~Waldo