Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I got nuthin'

I don't know how you people write a post a day. I mean - HOW do you people write a post a day?!?! Let's say.... for example... that I even had enough going around in this little mind of mine to put to paper (paper? monitor?) each day.... how do you find the time?!?!

I think, that this is kind of how the cycle goes in my house... which unfortunately hinges on me and my blogging. I blog. Kids do... stuff, read, play, watch tv, etc. I blog. I get phone call from Max's teacher. I stop blogging. I do more active parenting. Kids settle in. I stop blogging a bit more. We all get sick of each other. I blog..... you get the idea.

So, being a bit more involved with the kids and not as involved in the computer -- and not really sure how to work out a good balance that does not involve me waking up earlier than I already do, or staying up later than I should...


Family Adventure said...

You're doing great. Being more involved with the kids than your blog is what it's all about.

Because I work from home (translations), I can blog while I work. I take breaks from a text and blog. It works for me. Gets my mind off what I am stuck on.

Heidi :)

niobe said...

It's your blog. Post whenever you feel inspired and have time. That said, I know that some bloggers occasionally combine blogging with parenting by discussing with their kids what they should blog about.

Anonymous said...

As You Know:
Just because I have nothing to say, has it ever stopped old Waldo Excalibur Pharce from blogging? Why, you know the answer to that! All of your blogs don't have to be winners, just talk. Anything to get my mind off the "Manure Plant" is a relief. ~~~ Waldo