Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I made it!

I've been tagged to do a Meme by Heidi at Viking Conquest(granted it was like a month ago, but there's no time limit on these things, right?)

So. I'm supposed to do seven random things about me...

1. I'm very particular about my refrigerator. Like, almost anal. Like everything has its exact spot, and like if you put the yogurt on the non-yogurt shelf... well.... I'll move it. To the yogurt shelf. Quick smart. And woe to the person who positions something in the fridge so that it is HIDDEN. I hate hidden fridge food. It all has to be easily seen. Needless to say I never have an overstuffed fridge.

Are you scared yet?

2. I've never thrown out any letter I've ever received. And I used to be a HUGE letter writer, before email. I have boxes here, boxes at my parents', boxes, boxes, boxes....

3. When I go to my parents' house I regress. I sit in front of the tv, I raid the fridge, I become sullen, I sulk, and my face even starts to break out!

4. I didn't date until almost the end of college. True. I was shyshyshy in high school & never found myself/my niche until at least junior year of college.

5. I will pick up snakes, lizards, mice, etc - but will not even SQUISH one of those big ole' water bugs! You know, the kind that make a sound when you step on them! The kind that you can hear when they walk?!? And they FLY too! Ugh! No way

6. I like working with a guy I might have a little crush on. Even if he's gay. (And believe me, working in non-profit... it's more often than not!) It's just nice to have that little bit of excitement when you go into work... think more about what you're wearing...

7. My Halloween pumpkins are rotting on my book shelf, and yet I'm just sitting here looking at them and not doing anything about it.


Family Adventure said...

Good meme. I'm glad you can't see my fridge right now!

With ya on the bugs. Yuck!

Blogger seems to keep the date that you started a post as the posting date, even if you publish much later. Not sure why. I've worked around it by copying the text into a new post to post (with the current date), and then deleting the old one. There's probably an easier way around this - I just haven't found or looked really hard for one yet.

Heidi :)

PS: The Word Verication thingy just wrote slizr. Too cool!

Julie Pippert said...

Excellent and interesting answers. 1 does not frighten me. I could say the same about, okay a lot more than just the fridge. LOL

2 does frighten me, though. LOL

Hmm 6 is interesting. And if I'm honest, maybe a little true for me too.

Neat to get to know more about you.

Using My Words

Julie Pippert said...

P.S. Way to get around the posting a draft later and having it slide back to the earlier date when you wrote it?

Click on Posting Options and change the date and time to the current one.


Using My Words

Gwen said...

You would hate the fridge at my house. It's always a filthy overstuffed mishmash. But I know where everything is, so I guess that's what matters. And I regress at my sister's house, my sister who lives 5 minutes away, who I see all the time. Can that even be called regression? Maybe it's really just time for me to grow up.