Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fat Brothers Chapter 2

(I told you there'd be more!) (I don't know where he got this Fat Stuff...although I have an inkling of an idea. It's a bit distressing.. but I have to say this is pretty funny!)

One day Tommy was walking by C.V.S. he saw chips guess what he did...
He did a robery!!! Robert the manager and his wife Westine chased after Tommy. Kartikay a young boy said to tommy "what's the matter with you"
Tommy just ignored it then Kartikay and Robert said "just let him have the chips we already have many more."

Matthew said "what's the matter." Robert said this "your brother stole the chips in my store." In a loud voice. They just went home.
Not again! When Tommy ate the chips he turned fat again! Ah!

You fataball stop reading my story! This goes to you mom. just kidding. go on!

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