Thursday, February 07, 2008

All About Superheroes

Sorry to overwhelm you guys with this.... it's just that he's been talking about this "Chapter Book" that he's been writing at school and I hadn't seen it yet. I never knew he had this sort of humor!! It's a riot! He actually told me he wants to be an author, he's enjoying writing this so much -- and apparently his classmates wait eagerly for each new installment!!

From our last adventure we saw weird people. But now we have a weird enemy. We don't no his name yet so you will have to read the story.

Well back to Robert and his store Westine fired herself because she didn't have enough chips but she will find another job. Robert was in his store lieing down.... Then a strange guy said "Wa ha! ha! ha!! I am professor weirdo fear me" Robert laughed then he got pushed out of nowhere it was Tommy and Matthew!

Well Tommy wasn't fat anymore well from our last adventure he was well we shouldn't tell you about it because you will cry with laughter well back to the mission. Tommy said this that really annoyed Matthew "I am a super boy" but then Matthew said this: "We are not super hero's ok OK!" Now really really back to the mission!

Well remember David Z shnack he came back from light saber school and said this "The force is kind of what! ga! ga!" he slipped on a banana peal like that was any help. Well back to light saber wa! ga! ga! now I slipped on a banana peal. Professor weirdo has a plan to wa! ga! ga! Why does everybody say that whoever made this story should not do that. Wa! ga! ga! Wa! ga! ga! Stop writing that word.

Well your messing with the wrong Robert because Robert no's kung-fu and choped professor weirdo's arm off and the gang and he saves the day.

The end.

Wait one minute mister Tommy and Matthew are supposed to save the day wait don't stop reading Nooooooooooo!

Well after Robert chopped Professor weirdo's arm off he broke his arm to because his arm was made of steel but he still broke Professor Weirdo's arm. Wa! ga! ga! Security! Get this banana peal... howly cow! Get the tenmillion bannana peals out of hear!

haaaa Tommy look a mouse in a cape? Well Professor Weirdo wasn't looking for Robert he was looking for this mouse superhero.

To be continued...


Family Adventure said...

Amy, this is amazing stuff. He's got a really creative side to him! I forget how old he is - is it 8? In any case, hugely impressive. Not to mention hilarious!

Have a good weekend!

Heidi :)

Julie Pippert said...

How creative he is! I LOL!

I love to see the stuff from kids. It's so incredible what they can do.

Gwen said...

Westine. Now that's what I meant to name one of my daughters .....

It's funny to watch him playing to his audience. I think he might be ready for blogging. :)

Poker Chick said...