Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Jewish Law - Articles ("The Right to Die: A Halachic Approach")

Jewish Law - Articles ("The Right to Die: A Halachic Approach")

I have a client with no family. Who might be destined to spend the rest of his life with a tracheostomy and a collar. Unable to talk. Attached to a bed. His Power of Attorney (friend) will probably go talk to a rabbi to see what sort of decision to make (even though the client himself is not really religious...) so I looked up what Jewish Law says about The Right To Die.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

But I was.

GET HEALTH CARE PROXIES, PEOPLE! I cannot emphazise enough! Living Wills are not as good as proxies. If you have strong feelings about what you want - either being kept alive by any means necessary, or "pulling the plug" this needs to be IN WRITING. A proxy does not need to be done with an attorney - just two witnesses. You can get them on line.

Do it - I'm going to.


Julie Pippert said...

Good advice.

My mom is now alone and we went through so much getting paperwork in order. Because, in one of those twists you know will come someday but never really expect, I am now in charge of her.

Family Adventure said...

Hey, Alm. Sage advice, this is! One of those things noone thinks about before it's too late.

I read your post below, too. This is what I love about your blog - you are so honest about everything! Many would have denied having conflicting feelings like that, but I believe most of us would have. It's only natural to compare...

Whatever he paid for that ring is irrelevant. The most important thing is that he meets his financial obligations to the children. Keep saying that to yourself over and over again, and sooner or later you WILL believe it!

Hang in there. But tell me - are you going to the wedding?!??!?


PS: In response to your PS - your boys are SO CUTE! Love the blazer.