Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I know I need to do a post Passover wrap up (it went well!) but just need to vent this now.

X has kind of lost his job. I say kind of because they made him a "consultant." He's on half salary & no health insurance. His fiance lost her job a few months ago (works at an investment bank.. they're all being downsized.)

(And I know - those of you who know me for a while are probably like "X has lost his job AGAIN?!?" The man is a professional job looser/getter. He's really good at getting them. So I guess I"m not TOO worried.


There have been funding cuts here & two of us will lose our jobs. I'll find out by the end of May. We'll get one months' notice & severance... plus I would get unemployment.

We don't know yet - who it will be. It's a small staff.. only three social workers... and some admin.

I'm trying NOT to stress.. because 1) there's nothing I can do to change any of it; 2) It might not be me.

But. You know. My mind goes to those dark places.... me out of work, X out of work, paying for summer camp... Not to mention the fact that I absolutely love this job. I love where I work, too - the agency - my boss is so family friendly that it makes it so easy for me...

She thought she was doing us a favor by telling us now. Being transparent. Letting us know about the process they are going through (budget, etc, etc...) but waiting a MONTH to find out. Pull that band-aid off! I want to know now!

(Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts....)

Somebody tell me now that the economy is doing well. Tell me and all those homeless people I'm seeing more and more of on the streets....


Gwen said...

The economy is doing great! It's only the lily-livered liberal media that's trying to put the fear in you even though the "benchmarks" for a recession haven't yet been hit.

Did that help?

No, seriously, good luck to you and sorry about MORE stress.

Poker Chick said...

I'm sorry. That's tough. If it helps the fact that you have a heads'-up says it's probably not you.

Family Adventure said...

Ugh! I think it would've been better NOT knowing that you don't know for a month (if you follow that...). I realize your boss was trying to be fair, but yikes! I'd be freaking out, too.

From the sounds of it, X will get a job soon enough...and I hope you are worrying for naught.

Happy thoughts!!


tracy said...

Wow -- that IS stress... I'm sorry you're having to deal with it. We'll all send good thoughts your way for the next month (month?! that's just cruel!)