Saturday, April 19, 2008


So tonight's the first night of Passover. Pesach in Hebrew. We (me, the kids, my parents, my sister, my brother and my Uncle!) are going over to J's parents house for the Seder. Big deal, huh? I tell people and their eyes open wider... "You are all going? To his parents' house?" I work with a rebbetzin - her husband is the rabbi at one of the big synagogues down on the Lower East Side... and when I told her what I was doing the first night I could see her practically planning the wedding... (Well, you know, my first husband not being Jewish and all... - though yes, he did convert.. but...) so this is oh so... meaningful to her..

Did I mention that Passover is the holiday where one is allowed to ramble? Especially in blogs. Yep. It's true. There's the line: "And thou blog writer - on this day you are allowed to ramble.. to go off on tangents... whatever." (And yes. They said "whatever". They learned it from their kids!) (So glad I don't have many Jewish readers...)


You know, last year was the first time I met J's parent. And my kids. And my parents have already met his parents & all the families have pretty much met.

But still. Our first Seder all together. Should be interesting. You know, of course, that I will report back.

But ARGH!! I have Such. Bad. PMS. Like the kind where you look for things to get upset about? Like the kind where everything is going along perfectly well and you're like "look! Look at that teeny tiny spot over there! Who did that! Somebody's gonna pay! We are all going to stand here and look at that spot and figure out who did it and who is gonna PAY for doing it! All of us! Because my goal is to make everybody as miserable as I am!!"


But it's still gonna be a good day/night? Right?

Tomorrow night the Seder's at my parent's house. J will be coming. His girls will be with their mom and her family. I luck out at not having a Jewish X (yes, he converted.. but...)

There will be photos. There will be videos. (New Flip camera, you know...)

Now I'm gonna go stick my head under a pillow for a little while.


Family Adventure said...

I hope it went really well. No PMS ruining anything. Do share!!


Gwen said...

Happy Passover! Wait, is that what one says, Happy Passover? It seems incongruous with the whole Passover theme, I think. So what is it--Blessed Passover! or uh, Passover Greetings! Well, whatever one says, put me down for that.

I know Seder was great and your PMS cooperated and all is right with your world. At least I hope this is true.