Monday, June 30, 2008

First Day of Camp

Nice haircuts, huh?
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Anonymous said...

Great Haircuts!!! Great Grades!!! Behavior Improving!!! Once again you should be proud!!! You are doing a very great job as a Mom. I'm glad things are going great this summer. Now breath in.... Hold it for 10 seconds.... Now slowly let it out. Try to relax once in a while. There!!! Isn't that better? That will be $200 and I'll set up an appointment for you next week! ~~~ Waldo

Gwen said...

Well, Max's is a little crooked right there on that side (here, take my magnifying glass). And, I don't like that color on him. Also, why aren't they smiling in the second picture? It's because you're not doing it right, one way or another, and it also costs me too much money.




Defiantmuse said...

cute :)

want to know what's weird in a freaky kind of way? you live in Forest Hills which happens to be where the nice frum Jewish girl my ex is marrying is from. I'd never heard of it before I googled her all stalker-like. lol.

and then you leave me a comment on that exact post.

life is weird.