Monday, July 07, 2008

Mouse: Still here. Super will only put down poison or glue traps. I won't allow any more poison since J brings his dog here & the glue traps.. Well. They're useless. I'm going to have to call the management company.

Fourth of July was good. Ruined my parents' king sized mattress and broke their washing machine.

Ha ha. No. Really. I did.

My parents are away (in Israel) so we (me, the kids,J, his daughter, his dog) went to their place to have a suburban July 4th. Usually when we sleep there we all sleep in the den. But, my parents weren't there - so -- I put the kids in their room.

Max hasn't peed in bed in like six months. Really. I promise!

Except that he did July 3rd.

On top of the king sized down comforter. His sleeping bag, (see, I wasn't entirely frivolous! I made them sleep in sleeping bags on top of the bed!)top sheet,fitted sheet, mattress pad, mattress... Yep.

So I get to work washing. Wash the sheets. Fine. Put in the sleeping bag & take it out... hmm.... still wet. Well, put in towels (I used them to blot. Ok?) they run... hmm.... still wet. Wait. A. Minute.... The machine is not spinning.


Get J.

Nope. Machine still not spinning.

I go into catatonic state.

J (tries to) calm me down "you didn't break it. This is what happens in houses... things break all the time..."


(Is that a word?)

We see that my parents have a service contract. I call. They will come on Thursday. My sister will be there then. Phew.

We decide to bring comforter to J's sister to wash. But then I realize: down. King sized. Umm.. no.

And that king sized mattress pad? Am I going to risk it? In a machine? I'm feeling a bit jinxed (NO! Don't use the treadmill! It will break! Don't touch the tv! Careful with the refrigerator!!) so decide...

$60 some odd dollars later, the comforter, mattress pad & duvet cover all at cleaners. They will deliver. On Wednesday.

My (supportive) sister: "WHat? You let them sleep in their bed?!? You broke the machine! Great. Just great.) Will (gladly) be there to receive. ("Great. Now I have to stay around the house. Great.")

Did I mention also that it rained all weekend?

Ok. All that happened, but it was actually lots of fun.

How was yours?

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Julie Pippert said...

Did you get that panicky feeling? Like a kid?

I'm sure it was no fun but it was funny to read!!