Wednesday, July 09, 2008


People are still searching for "frustration boob" and getting this site.  I hope it's not too.... errr.... frustrating.

Ok internet people.  Here's the thing:  I know I mentioned in my previous post how Max peed in my parents' bed.  He really hasn't done it in a while.  But he did again last night.  His pediatrician says it's normal for boys to do that until age 12or so.  Fine.

He has a sleep over at camp next Thursday.

Being a Mom I automatically thought of the worst case scenario.  (Does it ever kind of hit you?  I'm a MOM!   Like I"m actually responsible for somebody else!  Gah!  Anyhow....)  You know... what if... he... pees?!?!?

So I say to him.... in an off handed way:  "Wow, you have a sleep over next week!"  Him "Yeah."  Me:  "So what do you think about that?"  Him:  Shrug.  Me:  "No thoughts?"  Him:  "Mom!"

Ok.  So.

Do I:  1) Follow his lead?  He's not concerned so I'm not concerned?  2) Call the doctor to get the medication to prevent bed wetting (Dr. had mentioned it to me before - to be used for "social" situations....;Do I tell him?  Do I just slip it into his peanut butter sandwich? 3) Pull ups?

I don't want to make him self conscious, and I don't want to create an issue where there might not be one.  Maybe he's more in control than I think.  Maybe he knows he can control his bladder.... 

Maybe I"m over thinking this... and just let what happens happen & deal with the after shocks?  I mean, this happens to kids all the time, right?  They aren't scarred for life, right?

But I just want to protect him.

Or, do I sit with him and have a talk?  Tell him I can get this pill and what does he think?

I'm really really at a loss.
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Anonymous said...

Have the talk. It will put you at ease. ~~Waldo

Magpie said...

if it's any comfort to you, my sister's kid - nearly 10 - wears a pull-up every night. he doesn't need it every night, but often enough that he wears it. however, he's never been on a a sleepover. he does get embarrassed by my four year asking "why is he in a diaper?"

i think you might want to talk to him, and offer up the medicine. you want to help him avoid embarrassment.

Magpie said...

PS - I'm glad you liked my lily story. I would have emailed you, but I couldn't find an email address.

Anonymous said...

Tell the camp director privately. Bring along an extra sleeping bag and PJs to leave quietly in the camp office. Mention to him that if anything happens, he should alert the counselors and they can quietly make the switch.

Gwen said...

I like Emily's advice. I hope I remember it when my little bed wetter goes to sleep away.

G4 said...

Sounds like this problem is solved, for the moment anyway, but I wanted to add: drink nothing during the two hours before bed and use the bathroom immediately before going to sleep. Even if he's unlucky, it turns a big obvious problem into a small one. Along those lines, I might even know someone who secretly packed a kitchen towel in his sleeping bag in order to line his PJs right before going to sleep.