Friday, April 14, 2006

Confronting my biases

Now, let's face it. We all have them. Like they say: "Everybody's a little bit racist." And don't say you don't - cause you know you do! Well, one of my things is, dare I say it -- product. Not product per se, but the use of it. And not for women - but for men. I --- um --- don't like metrosexuals. I don't like it when men use "product". Crazy. Unfair and crazy. I know.

(And this from a woman who grew up with a father who kept a can of hairspray in his glove compartment... Dr. Freud?)

So, that's how it is. Not fair, not right, not at all cool. I like my men messy and stinky. (Ok, total joke there.)

So anyhow, all of this is to lead up to say that my older son is now into chapstick. Yesterday he said "Mom, my lips are always dry - I need some chopsticks." Huh? "Yes, I need to put that on my lips." "OH - ChApstick." "Yes, my teacher says I should use it." AHA! The teacher! That traitor!!!


Ok, let's be rational here. The kid is having dry lips - what else do people with dry lips do?!?

"Umm, Max, have you tried not licking your lips?!" Blank stare.

"Ummm, Max - are they bleeding - or just uncomfortable?!" Blank stare.

So - I had to do it. Had to confront this head on. We went to the drugstore & I got him the most innocuous chap stick I could find. And it's not like I need it to be manly or anything - like "Joes tough guy chapstick." It's probably the shine. The gloss. NO vaseline!!!

He has been walking around with it. Slept with it last night, actually. My younger one has one too (obviously - one has - thus does the other.)

And I'm getting past this. Growing. Learning more about myself. THis morning he asked me how his lips looked & I told him soft and moist. Ok, that got me another well deserved blank stare - but it made ME laugh; so....

I'll let you know how I continue to do with this new facet of parenting.

The photo is of Max when he was about 2 ish & attacked another product: Balmex!


jfkmusic said...

oh man, got to hide my mooses and gels. And then theres my anti aging cream, the anti yellowing cream, the anti blueing cream (oops - that must of been from the oompa loompa sleepover), the tanning gel, the teeth whitening cream...... And what about my extensive wardobe of Armani, Hugo Boss, Zegna and JCPenney!!!

ALM said...

You're having far too much fun.