Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Why is this Night....

Tonight's the first night of Passover. It's a great holiday, oriented towards family and food - two of my favorite things!!

If hard-pressed to give a quick explanation of the holiday, I'd say just watch The Ten Commandments. We used to have huge Passover Seders - one at my Aunt & Uncle's and one at my parents. Now it seems that our family has split - the "religious right" have one together, and the rest of us (The Looney Left?) have our own.

This year it's gotten even smaller....

Each year we do the same things - laugh at the same jokes, make the same stupid comments.... making the holiday our own. I struggle to make the seder gender neutral (instead of "and He said..." I'd say "and G-d said..." and instead of "our forefathers" it becomes "our ancestors." A futile attempt, at best - but makes me laugh.

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