Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mommy Brain

I am always a bit worried that I'm not as interesting as I "used to be." Like I feel that "before kids" I could talk about most things -that I was always up on what's going on. I would read the newspaper every day! Watch the news, watch the pundits.... you know.

Now I know all the names of Thomas' engines.

Apparently there's an article that I haven't had time to read -that states that doing all the mommy things actually makes you smarter. And, there is, according to the wonderful world of google searches - a book.

But you know what - I can't speak about that - I only know about myself. And my reality. And my reality is - I come home from work and pbs kids is on. Not the McNeil Lehrer news hour.

Ok, you're saying I should cut myself a little slack - and maybe I should- past five years have been spent having two kids, getting graduate degree and ending a marriage - no small endeavors any of them.

But still.

So, today the kids are out w/the X (he called last minute, missed them & wanted to take them fishing) and I've actually read a good portion of the Times - with two hours left before they get back to read some more!

And it feels so good!

I fool myself that I keep up with the news by reading on line, but there's really nothing like sitting down and reading an actual newspaper.

I read about what's going on in Papua - although I'm a bit confused with if there is a Papua New Guinea and another one that's part of Indonesia? (Gwen?!?) I always thought New Guinea was a separate, independent country.

And how they are actually segregating schools in Nebraska?!? Making the school districts reflect the population - getting rid of bussing - so that there will be one Black, one Hispanic, and one Caucasian. And the main advocate for this is African AMerican. Now, I hope I'll be able to follow what goes on.

I don't know. I suppose as the kids are getting older, and as I'm starting to notice that I have a bit more time for myself - plus the fact that I'm actually out more with adults! (Gasp!) I just notice the gap.

Any of you experience this?

Ok, just looked it up on line. New Guinea is split. And even from looking at the map it's pretty obvious that we're just on a need to know basis about the non-Western side of the country. And probably the only reason why it enters into my consciousness at all is the antipodean (how often do you hear that word?!) connection to that part of the world.

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