Sunday, April 30, 2006

The power of Advertising

So I brought the kids shoe shopping yesterday. I'm really pretty bad with this - I buy them like one pair of shoes per season & they wear them to death. Usually for fall/winter a pair of merrill like shoes & snow boots - then for summer sandles. I used to get them sneakers, but somehow stopped in fall & they just wear their sandles all summer long...

SO ANYHOW - brought them yesterday to buy shoes & was unsure whether or not to get them sneakers AND sandles... but when I saw how much support the sandles had, figured I'd just spend the money on a good pair. (Is this too much information? Am I babbling? I figured you guys need backround. Besides, what would be the point of a blog entry that went: "Went to store. Bought shoes." ?)

I don't know if you've noticed, but jeeze - these kids are starting to have.... like... opinions! Like they know what they want and what they like?!? Huh?!? What every happened to the 'ole following me blindly?! Not so sure how I feel about this....

Max immediatly picked out a pair of water shoes. Had to get through that - no way I"m getting water shoes at the high priced shoe store. Those are the payless shoes.

FINALLY, get him to agree to a pair of sandles... but then he sees the blue sneakers. These were admitedly cool sneakers. But they were also over $60.

We get home & the boys look through their spoils. ALl of a sudden Max goes: "Hey, Nathan has Geox sandles! HIs breathe! Mine aren't Geox!!" WTF!!! The kid isn't even 6 and he's already talking brands?!?! (To those of you who do talk brands, I got Max Ecco sandles, ok?!?) I showed Max that his sandles also have little holes in them... and that they breathe, too.

Another crisis averted.

THen, while we were watching Tom & JErry tonight I saw it - the Geox Man! Yep. ALready marketing shoes to the Tom & Jerry crowd. And Max totally got it, too - the breathing and all.

Scary. And at this rate how am I going to keep him away from Product!?!?

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