Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day

Today's the day, guys. Today's the day that I'm officially financially separate from the X. Well, except for child support & other stuff... but you know. And I just realized - is that child support supposed to cover their clothes, shoes, etc, etc? Better check on that - otherwise he's going to be taking them on some of their shopping trips, too. Somehow it doesn't seem right that just 'cause he doesn't like to shop that means I pay for all of it... Although I imagine that's what child "support" is for, huh?


Good thing I got those sandles in under the wire! :)

I'm glad, though, that this is happening. TOok long enough & we really need to get this over & done with anyhow...

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The Angry Kitten said...

Support means that the other parent is accountable for providing for the children in the manner to which they are accustomed, and proportionally according to respective income. It doesn't matter who likes to shop more. It means the money is there for food, housing, clothing, education, and everything else. This is why the lawyers sort it out and fight for you - to get a win/win situation for everyone (ideally).

I had a crappy day. A co-worker had a gigantic seizure at his work station and I was appalled at how it was handled (or rather, NOT handled). He was bleeding from the nose and vomiting, and a very bossy supervisor didn't want anyone to touch him. But the poor guy was laying on his FACE in the CARPET! He could totally have aspirated vomit into his lungs. But no one would turn him to his side and loosen his collar - like I know that you're supposed to... Meanwhile, everyone was standing there and staring. I ran into the other supervisor's office and said, "We need help. Zachary is bleeding and on the floor. Come quick." WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG FOR ANYONE TO CALL THE PARAMEDICS? I timed that kid's seizure and it lasted over a minute and a half. It took over 3 minutes before the decision was made to call 911. The paramedics got there within 5 minutes of the call. Pissed me the fuck off. IF you don't know what you're doing step back and let other people help. BLARGH.