Monday, May 15, 2006

Blogging Moms

So I'm starting to find all these momblogs: Dotmoms, etc. I found one: Bloggermommies -that I thought sounded interesting & was going to sign up until I read the requirements.


No negativity? Complaining? Hostility? Whining?

Sorry. Can't do that. And I think, quite honestly, I'd be afraid to read the blogs of the mothers who COULD.


Gwen said...

Hey, are you psycho or something? I was just going to blog about this. But my take on it is so different from yours, which sort of makes me laugh. In a good way, of course. You're all like, "hey, what's up with not whining?" and I'm all like, "oh dear, I fear my blogs will never be as clever and witty as the bazillion other blogs in the blogosphere."

ALM said...

Gwen - you gotta stop fishing for compliments! :)

Your blog is so incredibly well written & entertaining it sets the standard! Really.

Read some of that other drek, too - and you'll see.

AND - how can you be a mom/parent without whining or complaining?

Gwen said...

Hand to god, I really don't fish for compliments. I'm just insecure. And I also wish I had the gift to see myself as others see me .... or maybe not .....

I think the no whining requirement means no EXCESSIVE whining. Check out Angry Black Bitch's blog here on Blogger. That might be what they're talking about.

I think the question is, how can you be a HUMAN without complaining, although too many people I know just complain ALL. THE. TIME. like's it's the only form of communication they really know.