Sunday, May 14, 2006

Some Thoughts on Sharing

So, could somebody please explain this whole sharing thing to me? I mean, I feel like I'm pretty well socialized - you know make and keep friends, play well with others.... but I just don't know the rules.

Like, if one kid is playing with something - intently involved in it & another comes over & wants to take one of the pieces to play with - why should he be able to? I'd be like: "Go find something else to do."

But I feel like I'm in the minority.

And now Max got all this stuff for his birthday. (Ok, not tons of stuff - because we didn't have a huge party, but) and Nathan wants to play with it, too. Especially the Power Rangers. (Which goes back to that post on Gwen's Blog & the fact that Max got a Weather Station, some great books, an Ice Maker [more about that later] and Polar Animals... but he was all about the Power Rangers.)

He got about 6 of them & of course can't play with ALL OF THEM at once, but... and Nathan wants to play with one. Logic would say: Let the kid play with one, and Max has the other five... BUT, they're his new special toy....

Oy, the battles. Which weren't helped by the fact that some people (umm, my parents) wanted Max to share, while I was telling Nathan to look elsewhere.

All in all, a good party. Waiting for the photos to upload before I post about that.

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Gwen said...

Sharing is something you make the older child do so the younger child will shut the f**k up. That's why youngest children are usually spoiled. Said the youngest child.