Monday, May 15, 2006

Great, just great

Yes, I know this isnt' a good photo -- but for some reason I kinda like it.... ANyhow - Max's actual birthday is Wednesday & I sent his teacher a note if I send in anything. She said yes, and looking forward to seeing you then: Wed at 1:10 pm.


So, I've been tossing around the idea of calling in sick - but I hate doing that. I was off last Thurs for this other job, and left early last week to take Max to the Dentist...

So, finally decided NOT to go to the party when this morning Max says: "Mom, are you coming into my school Wednesday - for my birthday - like Andrea's Mom did?" (Sword meet my heart.) Then he says: "I had a dream last night that I was at school and I was going to the bathroom with my friend Michael - and I came back to the classroom and you were there."

What? Could you stab me again, please?

So - I'm at a loss. Do I tell them and then only work 'til about 11:45am? DOes that make sense? Do I take another (legal) day? Do I call in sick? Do I not go to Max's school?

I hate this shit.
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Gwen said...

Here's my most recent theory: kids are really really happy when you do a)play with them; b)read to them or c)show up at school, but they're not proportionally disappointed when you don't. So while Max will feel great joy if you're there, he won't feel equally great dismay if you're not.

If that helps ....

ALM said...

That's a good theory. I really can't go. But you know, we're going to be celebrating his birthday AGAIN Wednesday evening (the day of his actual birthday) so that will be about 4 birthday celebrations... So he's not at all deprived.