Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just dropping in

Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I have this whole long post in my head, but haven't had the time to write it. Why, you may ask? Welll.... I bought.... a ..... PALM PILOT!!

"Hey" I can hear you thinking "aren't those things supposed to save you time? Make you more efficient?"

Lies, lies, all of that lies! These things are time SUCKERS! You have to set them up, you have to sync, you have to play with all the little buttons, and games, and set the fonts, and the backgrounds, and the alarms, and the icons, and pull the little stylus out & look at how cute it is, and put it back in again, sync, and marvel at how it syncs, and change something and marvel at how it changes on both and wow isn't technology sososo darn cool.

See, you're tired already!

You also have to really over-use the joke about playing with your Palm. See, I've used it - oh - about 50 times already. Nobody has told me yet to stiffle it - - but I sense it's coming. Heck, if they don't I"ll just up & say it to myself. Enough's enough - even of such a joke of such fine wit and intelligence.

See - I'm even having fun writing about it!

Seriously, though - it's one of the basic palms - meaning it's really only a date/address book. (With all these cool games, first aid tips, calculators, check splitters [yes, figures out the tip!!!], and and noises) that I got in an attempt to get my life into some sort of order. THree jobs, two kids, one x-husband, a boyfriend, a babysitter & assorted and sundry friends and relatives.... Too much.

I'll let you know if it works. I have irrationally high hopes.

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