Sunday, June 18, 2006

June's almost over

It's finally getting warm, and here it is middle of June. Before you know it, summer will be over.... :) Ok. Enough of that.

Had a great weekend w/J (aka boyfriend). It was kinda like the first weekend we've pretty much spent together - without one of us having to run off early to do something. ...

We went out after work on Friday - then Saturday went to The Bronx Zoo. It was the first zoo date - and he passed with flying colors. (You know, the first dinner, the first movie, the first zoo, the first picnic and then the first Meet The Parents.)

Cesar Milan - the Dog Whisperer. I had just read about him from an article in The New Yorker Apparently he does some kind of "Dog Psychology" which I usually hate ("Buncha yuppies who can't control their dogs...") but that really makes a lot of sense. Treat the dog like a dog - make sure it respects you - but still make sure you love it. (Very abbreviated version.) He was fascinating, though - and SO MUCH personality... and so darn cute! (Ok, I have a little, little crush on him now...)

Then we went to Arthur Avenue for dinner. Arthur Avenue is kinda the Little Italy of the Bronx. It was lotsa fun - although I had just a little too much to drink. Actually, it was probably more the being out in the sun all day, then having wine that put me over the edge. Don't worry - I didn't make a fool of myself. (At least I think I didn't. No, no - I didn't! Ok, maybe I did in that photo above.... but that was earlier. See, I can make a fool of myself without alcohol!!)

Then today we took my dad out for brunch for fathers' day. And for the first time, it was like the 3rd degree about J. I guess because it's so rare for my parents to get me on my own... My mom was like: "So, you see a lot of this guy.... three nights a week?" "Umm, mom - I only get one free night a week - then every other weekend..." "Right, right - but you see him every free night?" "Umm, where are you going with this?" Then my dad: "Does he have any friends he could fix up with your sister?" Mom: "Have you met his friends? Couples? What do they think?"

It's amazing how quickly a headache can develop.

No, actually, it was a really nice brunch. Very relaxing. It's been a long time since it was just the five of us - no kids, no son in laws.... My Dad kept saying that over and over... (He also kept singing the Sesame Street Song: "Five people in my family." to the point where I nearly snapped. Just kept repeating: "It's fathers day, it's fathers day...")

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