Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's been so long

For the past few years my sister has doggedly invited me to accompany her and some friends to the Concert in the Park at Central Park. Each year, I can't - usually for reasons involving the X and my kids: 1) Kids too little, 2) No childcare, 3) Boring X.

But tonight - if you can believe it - I'm going! I'm starting to think that maybe the planets ARE all aligning! Maybe the perfection that I anticipated upon the purchase of my palm pilot is Really Happening!

Think about it: 1) Perfect weekend away, 2) Concert on Great Lawn. What else do you need?!?! (Ok, so the kids both peed in my bed the other night, but I'm so feelin' the love I told them they could pee in my bed whenever they want!)

(No. I'm kidding. They pee again - they get sent to reform school.)

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