Sunday, August 06, 2006

New post

So I started this whole post, and it began to get so long, and so rambly, and seemed to take me sooooooo long to get to the point that I realized I was even boring myself as I was writing it. So - deleted it.

You let me know if you'd like a long and rambly post about manners - and I'd be glad to re-write it. :)

So anyhow, I present herewith a brief and to the point post. Basically a complaint. Basically a vent. No point to it, really - because it's not surprising... but it just pissed me off.

The X. He's met somebody. So, we've been kinda emailing back and forth a bit about it. I asked him what she does & he answers: "An executive Assistant. She makes 80k. Works on wall street."

On the surface: I know. Nothing. But knowing X.... it was such a jab! "See how she makes so much as an Exec. Ass't. and you make just 'bout half that as a social worker..."



Anonymous said...

Okay, so is he dating HER or her salary? Don't normal people say "she's nice" or "she's smart" or good grief, "she's pretty"? If her number one most appealing quality is how much she makes, that sounds like a super-healthy relationship. Which is what I'm totally predicting for X in all of his future endeavors, based on my knowledge re: his mature and thoughtful handling of his primary relationships over the past six years. But yeah, that was a jab, and he's still a jackalope.

Anonymous said...

Oops - I didn't mean to be anonymous (above). In case you couldn't tell from the tone, that was from JULIE.

Anonymous said...

I totally knew that was Julie!

Ames, you can't let the X get you down. And I so don't see her replacing you in your children's hearts. Instead, I can see Max tormenting her and making her cry a lot. And that's a good thing, right?

Yes, I'm evil.

I'm going Anonymous to see if you can figure out who I am. :)