Thursday, August 24, 2006

This week so far

Don't know if you guys know, but I've been off this week. Took off the two weeks to give my babysitter a vacation. Since my work schedule had been so sporadic... job, no job, part-time job... I hadn't really had solid vacation time in a while. (Ok, so I no longer have any solid vacation time now - since I've used it all!) But, I like to be able to give her what I can. She does such an amazing job with my boys, is never ever late, cooks, cleans... and basically - if you could see what my place looks like now with her being gone for only five days... well - you'd know what a value she is.

SO ANYHOW, I've been home these past two weeks... and omigod. I'm just trying to remember what we did and I can't! Ok.... right. Monday my friend H. came over w/her daughter and we played here for a bit then went to the playground; Tuesday a friend from here came over with her son (Nathan's age) - we went for lunch and to playground. Then yesterday we went into NYC - Grand Central Station.

My ex-brother in law is coming to NYC Thursday 'til Sept. 6th or so. (I'm totally hoping he'll bring me some Pineapple Lumps) So I knew I had to get them presents (totally owe them) and wanted to get them NY stuff. So, figured the Transit Museum Shop.

But, the thing was - I wanted to get them nice stuff... but then I didn't want to spend too much money. Plus I was having VERY mixed emotions about buying stuff for them when the X never does.... But, you know what, I think I'm more in contact with them than he is... so.... So - it took me a long time to decide - and in the end wasn't entirely happy with what I got - but really felt like I was spending way too much time on it. (Not unlike the amount of time I'm spending talking about it!)

So, anyhow, the BIG news is that J met us for lunch. Yep. It happened. He went shopping with us and went for lunch with us. It was so totally cool, and so totally normal. Not the BIG deal I had kind of made it to be in my head. I could see they were really comfortable with him... and that made me feel really good.

Movin' right along....

And Blogger still won't upload photos - but I saw somebody else complaining about it on another blog... so at least it's not just me!

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