Friday, August 25, 2006


For the past few weeks or so, whenever I tell Max - to stop doing something he will reply with: "But I like doing it." He will do it for another second, look at my face, and usually stop.

But that response... it just INFURIATES me. Like, who gives a flying fuck if you like doing it or not - obviously there's a REASON why I'm asking you to stop - dontcha think!?!? (Can you hear the pent up frustration there?!?)

I've explained time and time and time and time and time and time again that when somebody says stop - for whatever reason - you stop. (And I know this is a little early, but since he's a boy I really want to make sure he understands that for when it comes to dating....)

But again - he's 6. And I understand when you're 6 and absolutely involved in something that it might be difficult to stop - right on the head of a pin. But sometimes it isn't even fun games he's involved in... it might just be throwing his pillow up in the air. It'll go like this: "Max, stop. Max. Please. STOP. MAXWELL, STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" "But I like doing it." (Why can't I get the font small again?) Then the Glare. He stops.

Ugh. (Ok, now it's too small.)

Yesterday was actually a really nice day. I feel like so much of my time is spent telling them to sit, to stop, to slow down, to not touch, fold, spindle or mutilate... Yesterday we stayed in ALL DAY. Took all the pillows and put them all over the living room. Watched Nick and Noggin all day long, snuggling on the pillows or on the couch, made cookies, and danced to Elton John. It was so nice. So relaxing. So much laughing....

It gets so crazy with two boys... two active boys... that I feel like I get into a loop of "nos." And people who know me know I'm a really soft-touch - which (now that I'm writing this & thinking about it) is probably why I'm always "no-ing." If they knew I was tough from the get-go they'd stop. But regardless - I do get into the loop. Especially when I'm more stressed. WHen I'm relaxed, somehow we're all more relaxed....

And now - great - gotta figure out what to do today. And the thunderstorm we were supposed to have yesterday sounds like it's coming out today....

What the f. is still going on with the photo uploading?!? Who do I talk to about this!?!?

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