Monday, June 25, 2007

Let's tease this one out

Now, I'm a sibling. I'm the oldest sibling. I have a younger sister and a younger brother. But I'll be DAMNED if I remember teasing them the way my kids tease each other. It's crazy!

(Yes, that's one's hand over the other's face.)

For example: They both still pee in bed. One is five, the other is seven, they're both boys - so I'm anticipating (unfortunately) that this will not stop any time soon. Whatever. But one morning Nathan runs over and goes to me: "Max peed in bed. I didn't." Then runs over to Max "Ha-ha Max, you peed. I didn't!"

What's the point?

Or yesterday at the shoe store. "Nathan, you're going to get the DORA shoes! Mommy said she's going to get you the DORA shoes. You're a GIRL!" (The horror!) WHich leads to Nathan crying: "Max says I"m going to get the girly shoes! I don't want to get the girl shoes!"

I just stand there. Incredulous. "Do you want the girl shoes?" "No." "Then why does Max saying it make it happen?" And yes, I know - what was I thinking? How/why could I possibly think that logic would prevail?

And this is constant. The poking, the prodding, the running to be first. Always first. Then announcing it. Then pronouncing the other "loser." Or purposely sitting in the other's seat - with a hint of a smile....

But, what gets me through it is I know they really love each other. THey look out for each other, they play with each other, they care for each other in very very obvious ways...

I try. I really really try to ignore it. But damn.
And I wouold like to use this moment to mention how bloody annoying Blogger photos upload is!!


Katharine Swartz said...

The same thing totally happens here--and I don't remember teasing or being teased so much either!

Mary G said...

Isn't it! The only way to half beat it is to make your pictures low count -- either small or low pixel ratio. Snarl.
I have two daughters who had a mutual contract of offence and defence. They were miserable to each other but if anyone else tried to horn in, they were circling the wagons and getting out the rifles. They are now grown up and really good friends.