Sunday, August 26, 2007

Apropos of Absolutely Nothing.

Did a lot of walking this weekend (went to South street Seaport for drinks, Francisco's for lobster, Friday - Shakespeare in the Park Saturday, and Practice day at the US Open today. Yep. That's me. Taking full advantage of everything NYC has to offer. One of the little spoken about benefits of divorce... the weekend without the kids...)

But anyhow.

Did a lot of walking, and as I was walking I said to J: "Ever noticed that some flip flops make noise and some don't?" And you know what? He honestly never noticed that! Imagine! So I asked a follow-up: "Well, I've noticed it - because these shoes that I'm wearing now are making a loud 'slap, slap' sound when I walk, and some don't. I wonder why that is. Do you ever wonder why that is?" And imagine once again my surprise when he told me that "no" he has never wondered that!! Can you believe it?!? How can I be going out with somebody who doesn't constantly ponder the mysteries of the universe?!?!

So yeah. I'm wondering. Really. Why do some make that "slap, slap" noise when you walk and some allow you tread as silently as a cat....? I'm thinking it has something to do with the position of the toe thingy (you know, between the first & second toes), or perhaps the positioning of the straps.

Perhaps I should consult a physicist? You know, somebody who could work out how where the tension is placed on the foot relates to the amount of noise created by the bottom of the foot and the top of the shoe.


ETA: Lest you think I am very cavalier about weekends without children - let me hasten to remind you that I spend 26 out of a 30 days month with my children. Just me. Single parent. The X has them 4 (and let's not go to the place where I start talking about why he sees his children so infrequently... and how they feel about that. Let's just NOT go there.). So.... yes - I relish and enjoy those moments when I can sleep late, not have to wipe a tush, cut up a chicken nugget... whatever.


Lisa said...

Everybody seems some 'me' time so there's nothing wrong with enjoying your days alone.

If I was you I'd apply for a multi million dollar grant to study flip flops and the noise factor. Just think how many pairs of shoes you could buy :-)

Kate said...

Hi there, just followed your name from Sanity and the solo mom. will now go and read some of your history, but have to say that I never by flip-flops because on my feet it is impossible to find a pair that don't make that noise. with Lisa on the multi million $ grant idea though! and you could do all your research from home!!!

slouching mom said...

Heh. I should ask my husband. He's a science type.

As for you having a weekend without the kids, not only do I think that's a fabulous thing, I'm also insanely jealous!

Kvetch said...

Weekends without kids. I remember those!

Poker Chick said...

Why do you feel obligated to apologize for enjoying your weekend off! Don't go there!!!!!! And I thought all flip-flops made that noise. Mine always do. Interesting. Here's another question for J: what's the difference between a stick and a twig?