Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What. A. Mistake.

Right. so. X asked me to take his two dogs, Bill and Mickey, for Labor Day Weekend. Now, where I come from, Labor day weekend is Friday to Monday. Right? Yeah, well - x's trip start's tomorrow morning, so the dogs came over tonight. X forgot to tell me. Sprung it on me a week or two ago. "Oh yeah, not bringing the dogs over on Friday - bringing them on Wednesday."

Some might wonder (as I do) why I took them. I took them because my boys lovelovelove these dogs. They talk about them all the time, they love to go to X's to see them (oh, and X too...). The dogs actually belong to X's girlfriend & I told X that if they ever split up the boys need to have visitation with the dogs. They would he heartbroken if they never saw them again.

Have I mentioned that this is a pet free building?

And no, I don't know why the formatting is like this. I've given up with blogger and photos.


Mickey is about 8 months old, and Bill about a year. They're puppies. They have boundless energy. It's like having two more kids here. Now I'm sure you read in my previous post how sometimes it gets to be a bit much to be a single parent with two boys. Ok. Now two boys and two puppies.

These dogs are running all over the place, jumping on the furniture (X allows it at his place...) attack me with nips and licks every time I sit down... and I'm really a dog lover, but this is all so overwhelming to me. Especially after a full day of work. I pay attention to one dog? The other comes running over.

They've peed in my kitchen, wouldn't let the kids fall asleep... and? The X said "oh, don't worry - they'll fall asleep in your bed." WHAT?!?! He never told me that before (and I happen to know, when we were married X always said that he would never allow a dog to sleep in his bed.... hmmmmm) So, tonight I'll have the two dogs, at some point during the night the two kids will wander in... and tomorrow? J.

Yes, J, his dog, and his daughter are coming too. For the weekend. We're gonna bbq on the balcony. I told X I'd do it if J would come, that way I wouldn't be outnumbered. But that was before I knew I'd have the dogs during the week, too.

Labor Day Weekend House guest Tally: Three dogs, two children, one college student and two grown ups.

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Lisa said...

Why is this guy still taking a loan of you? Dogs are hard, hard work and a weekend does NOT begin on a Wednesday in anyone's book. Start practising now so that next time you can say NO WAY!

Tracy said...

I'm with Lisa on this one... do you think he would do a favor like this for YOU?

I know you did it for the kids, but they can see the dogs whenever they are with X... you don't need to go above and beyond with this guy.... he takes more than enough advantage of you!!!

The funniest part of this, though, is that my aunt and uncle are named Micki (nickname for Patricia) and Bill,so I did get a chuckle out of the names...

But other than that -- please please please don't do anything else for him -- you aren't a bad person if you put your foot down!!!!