Tuesday, September 04, 2007

They're gone

And? Funnily enough - I miss the little buggers.

I mean, they are cute, sweet tempered, happy dogs... but just not for me right now. Too jumpy. Too hyper. Too many walks.

X came in to get them & Bill, the older one, would not go near him. He just kept barking and barking at him - in this deep bark.... It was so obvious: He was angry. "Why the hell did you leave me here! I had no idea if you were coming back for me or not! I was so scared! You didn't talk to me, you didn't prep me! Nothing!"

You think I'm sounding a bit carried away? I tell you - if you could have seen that interaction. And X was freaked out. Apparently Bill has NEVER acted like that with him before. Never.

Then, as he was walking with them down the hall... towards the elevator... they kept looking back at me.

Poor dogs.

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Gwen said...

It's kind of funny that you miss them .....