Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

It's pouring outside. Horrible gross weather. I don't know what's going on - 'cause I had this deal with the BIG GUY that it was only supposed to rain like this and stuff when *I* had the kids. Not on the days that I had "off." Gonna have to check. Somebody's slacking off. Big Guy's not going to be happy.

So, is this deja vu or what (for those of you still with me from Yahoo 360. Are any of you still with me? Have you all dropped off like flies as I flit from blog site to blog site?) but I'm looking for a job. Yep. Another part-time job. The contract for this two day a week job runs out end of June. AND, coincidentaly, the X and I split our moneys end of May. So I'm out there, people.

Not quite panic. At this point kinda a low grade buzzing of anxiety.

I mean, listen - I'm not going to end out on the street or anything. I know that. And once we get the paper work through and get the money to get rid of credit card debt it'll be FINE. But a couple a months (like that?- kinda Brooklynese, ya' think?) of pretty lean living.

AND, truth be known (and we only tell the truth here as you Come on Along [yes, I"ll change it!] 'cause really, what would be the point of not?) (Do you think I use too many parenthetical phrases?) I didn't particularly like that job anyhow.

AND, more truth be known - I"m totally doing this now because I'm too nervous to actually look to see if there ARE any jobs posted. Gotta do it. Ok - jumping into the lake.

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