Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My "fake" friends

So this morning I"m walking to the subway & I get to thinking (which does happen on occasion. I try to stop, but...) about my "fake friends." No, no, not the imaginary ones - those are the ones living in my closet - I'm talking about my internet friends.

See, about six years ago I joined an email support group for women who were going to be giving birth to their first child in May '00. The "May Moms." And, here it is nearly May of '06 and most of us are still going strong.

So I guess this morning it just kind of struck me - here we are women from all over & how we've all totally connected. Still. How I know these women as well as I know any of my "real" friends, and how they pretty much know everything about me.

And I thought about how you can be friends with somebody, and feel supported by them - even though you've never "met" them.

And I thought about how we've all been through SO MUCH together, and how our kids are going to be sixfreakingyearsold! (sorry Gwen - stole that from you! I love the merged word thing!)

So, anyhow, just thought about it - and this being a blog and all... well - thought I'd share. :)


Gwen said...

I have even more fake friends than you, Amy ... and think how many you may attract with all your blogging! It's one of those things that's hard to explain to an outside observer but that makes more sense when you're in it. And I love my fake friends!

ALM said...

I could actually have a whole fake community! And oh yes, very hard to explain.... "You still keep in touch with those "choice moms?!" Isn't that a little weird?!" At least my fake friends understand! :)

Julie said...

xxo right back at ya' amy.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud to call you my fake friend, Amy. Viva las amigas imaginarias!


Anonymous said...

my day isn't complete unless I get a dose of my "fake" friends. (And I am not cool like you and Gwen, who have mountains of fake friends). People think I am crazy when I talk about my friends. Yes, us fake friends understand all about the weird looks we get from our "real" friends :) and lol to Rach.