Thursday, April 27, 2006

On "Tiny" and haircuts

Phew. Can't believe I made it. It was tense going. We nearly lost Tiny.

Who, you may ask,is Tiny?

Tiny is a raisin sized, ball shaped piece of blue play doh - who my son, Nathan, has befriended. The minute I came in the door tonight I was introduced. "Isn't he cute, Mom? Look, I can drop him down here and not loose him!" (Oh no, I'm thinking - yes you will!)

And, he did.

Actually, Tiny made it all the way 'til about 8:45 pm. JUST as they were about to be tucked in "Where's Tiny?" "We'll look for him tomorrow." "where's Tiny?" "We'll look for him tomorrow!" "I said- WHERE'S TINY?!?!"

OH, the tears, oh the anguish - oh the utter uselessness of looking for a small blue raisin sized piece of play doh in a predominately blue room...

Max couldn't stand hearing the crying & ran out to get more play doh. So, I made another "Tiny" and all was right in the world. (Apparently there's no loyalty to little blue play doh balls.)

So, Tiny was set aside - on a book on the table next to the bed "Where I can see him" Nathan said. Max got up out of his bed to move Tiny away from the edge of the book. "Ummm, Max - Tiny won't move."


But on to the REALLY important stuff: My hair. Ahhh, those of you who have been with me from the beginning were probably wondering what was going on with my haircut saga. Well, let me fill you in. About two or so weeks ago I all of a sudden realzied that my hair was LONG. I called my hairdresser.... and........... VACATION! (Imagine horror show screams in the background!)

So, I"m not able to get it cut 'til May 3rd!! (The Horror!!)

It's so friggin' long I'm about ready to commit hari-kari!

You know, this being a blog and all - well - I just had to share.

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