Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm here!

I feel like one of the Whos in Whoville! "We are here, we are here, we are here!" I feel like I haven't posted in a long time -- but when I looked, it actually was just this last Friday. (Wait? Last Friday? Wasn't I at work?)

Had a really great weekend. SPent it with the boyfriend, in NYC. I was actually very lucky, because the subways were totally down. There was about 1/2 hour of a down pour, and it flooded everything.

So, instead of schlepping back to Queens with the rest of the poor shlubs (and don't be offended poor shlubs, for I am usually one of you!) I got to stay in a shlub free hotel. (Well, shlub free except for the drunken tourists singing at the bar in the hotel restaurant. Don't ask.)

The X didn't get home until 10:30 pm - left at 5. He lives only about 30 miles away from NYC... My poor sitter didn't get home 'til after 1 am!

I went out for happy hour with a friend from work. Had two mojitos.- which was probably 1 and a half mojitos too many. But it was soooo good. Fresh mint. Served with a piece of sugar cane.... It was nice, and I think I've mentioned this before - in one or another blog that it was nice to go out with the "girls" . I don't do that enough.

On Saturday night we went out to a burlesque cabaret. I actually just found out that this cabaret used to be the "Blue Angel Cabaret"but is now called "Le Scandal" It was SO COOL.

And I can't even say what it was, in particular, that was the "coolest." The sword swallowing was amazing - had me putting my hands over my mouth in shock - and the strippers/burlesque act was great. I think, actually, what I liked about that the most was that the strippers had "normal" bodies. Legs a little lumpy, stomach not perfectly flat... and yet they were so sexy, so comfortable with their bodies. Really good female role models - in a warped burlesque kinda way.

AND - there was another show going on in front of us. A table full of twenty-something girls, and one 40ish man (oh so slightly overweight - think Jackie Gleason) trying to ply the most scantily clothed of them with alcohol. He'd just wander over, give her a shot - say hi - and walk away. I stopped paying attention to that show, to watch the burlesque show - and the next thing I knew - she had her head down on the table. Passed out.

Did THAT deter him?!? Come on readers - what do you think?!? Not in the least. WHen we left I caught him talking to her friend, mentioning how he'd take her home & the friend saying "Uh No, I don't think so."


I must mention that this cabare is at The CUtting Room - co- owned by Chris Noth - who I happen to have a bit of a crush on.... Not that it had anything to do with my enjoyment of the night, or the weekend. But I just like to write Chris Noth. ChrisNothChrisNothChrisNothChrisNoth.


Gwen said...

I was wondering how the boyfriend thing was going since you hadn't posted about him in awhile, which seems so unlike you. I'm pretty envious of the hotel thing, I gotta say .....

ALM said...

The hotel was totally cool. So nice to not be in my house -- even if not really "away" away...

More about the boyfriend later.

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