Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A what?

A Verizon Truck. Yes. That's what I said. Right now, right this very minute, my boyfriend covets a Verizon Truck. (Ok, right now he's probably sleeping, but chances are he's dreaming about a Verizon Truck....)

And think about it. Think about the idea of the truck. It can pretty much park where it wants - because they're Verizon Guys and are on the job making sure we can all use our phones. Plus there are these cool square windows in the back.... See?!?!

Ok. I don't see it too much either. But.... The donut thing I get.

Yes, things are going well with the boyfriend. Really well. Actually, it's kinda scary because there's almost NO Drama. Only fun. How can that be?!? Ok, a little drama... over some housing issues.... He.... well... he still lives in the same house as his not yet Ex-wife. And yes, I've already heard enough from my mom about that. So let's move on. For now. I'll get back to you in a few months with a status check.

We go out and I feel like I spend the whole time smiling. I love his humor. And I love that he's not afraid to take the piss out of me. And how I can tease him. And I love how we have so much in common. And how interesting he is. And the cute little tuft of hair under his bottom lip. (Oy, did I just say that? Cut me off right now! No - I will not start writing Hallmark Cards!)

And you know what made the hugest impression on me. Right when we started dating I told him about this community garden, near my apt. How I thought it was so great. And he did, too. AND - he remembered the garden - and referred back to it. I know it sounds like such a little thing.... but I don't know. It struck me. I suppose being with somebody for so long who is SO self-centered... it was nice to feel heard.

And oh - I can't keep my hands off him. (Did I just say that? Well, I believe I did!) Which is kinda cool, too.

Remember the last boyfriend? So much drama. All the time with the drama. When will he be here? What about dating other people? Why is he not emailing back? ONe could, of course, make a very good case that dating somebody who lives in another country is not really the way to go. But, it was good. It was. It was what I needed at that time, and I think we both really filled a need for each other. Don't forget - it was only a year after the X had moved out... and we hadn't even started concrete visitations. EX pushed and helped me to get that started.

We're still in touch - email/instant messenger (he knows I'm dating & he is dating as well - although he does not want to hear at all about J & I'm kinda curious about his.... is that a male female thing? Or just an Amy Strange Thing?) & he emailed me a few weeks before he came to NYC mid May. Did I want to go with him to see a modern dance show? The same one we had seen last summer.

I mentioned it to boyfriend (hereafter referred to as J.) who was like: "ok, but I'll honestly be a little jealous." So, I told E. (hereafter referred to as EX - not to be confused with X) that I could not go. I know that jealous feeling - and why give it to somebody I care about when the show really didn't mean that much to me?

So, there it is. Like most of my posts it kinda deviated a bit from its intended theme.... but I think you get the picture: It's been three months. All good. And I anticipate more to come.

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