Tuesday, June 06, 2006


TurDUCken. I just found out about it this weekend, and I"m still having a bit of a problem trying to .... errr.... digest the concept. (Ok, I"m not above throwing in the cheap joke every once in a while!)

I gather this - bird - is three birds in one. Three de-boned birds (which is already kinda yucky) and they're stuffed into each other?!?

I know, I know, it's strange. I"m not a vegetarian, I'm not really ever involved, thinking about, food/animal stuff. Got enough to worry about with people de-boning each other.... (yick).

But this really makes me want to organize Donald, Tom, and Chester have them put on their picket signs and PROTEST.

Any of you guys ever eat it? THoughts?


Gwen said...

That's just wrong ......

ALM said...

See, I thought it was a midwest thing... something to help build up your backbone? :)

It is wrong. Gross and wrong.