Friday, June 09, 2006

Pretty Cool

So, I don't know if you guys remember this: When my brother, Adam, was in the news for singing the Star Spangled Banner at the innauguration of the new Mayor of Glen Cove. It was a fairly big event. THen he received the citation at the city council meeting... so that was kinda cool, too.

WELL - tonight he's going to be singing at the Rose Ball. The Rose Ball is the major yearly fund raiser for the AHRC (Association to Help Retarded Children - an organization that just cries out to be renamed, considering they're no longer called "Retarded" nor are a large majority of them children...)

So, that's kinda cool - he's singing the Star Spangled Banner at this major black tie event... and my parents get to go too - for free. BUT - now here's the cool part - he's gonna get his photo taken with Hillary Clinton! Her press team have been on the phone all day w/my parents & my dad's freaking out that he doesn't know how to get the old photos off his new digital camera.. and how will he take pictures?!?

And another cool part - my Dad went to pick Adam up today, from the main AHRC Campus, on Brookville, Long Island - and ALL THE PEOPLE THERE seemed to know. My dad was telling me how the busses were lined up to pick up the clients - and the drivers gave Adam a thumbs up, the receptionist: "You show them, Adam!" The other clients there: "Adam, show them what you can do, show them what we can do!" Ok. Kinda brings a tear to my cynical eye as well...

My Dad said to a friend of mine - he was talking to her at Max's party - that he thinks that my sister & I went into non-profit & "helping professions" because of my brother. That is sensitized us. That made me think... I remember growing up & when a friend would say "You retard!" I'd retort (!) with "Retarded people are just the same, they just learn slower..." So, maybe he's right.

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