Thursday, June 15, 2006


So I realized I never told you how my brother did the other night - singing the Star Spangled Banner. Well - (OMIGOD, OMIGOD, OMIGOD - just did a search on google to see if there was anything about Hilary Clinton and the Rose Ball -and.... the search turned up... MY BLOG!!! I've entered the world of google search! Am I totally pathetic? Don't answer that.) from all reports he was a total success.

There were about 800 people there, and when he finished apparently not a dry eye in the house.

My mom said he totally belted it out - that his music teacher (at the school) said he had never heard him sing like that before. She said he enunciated every word, and pretty much stayed on key.

You know, I'm so used to him doing "normal" stuff so I guess it doesn't phase me -- but most people, I guess, are not used to the disabled being able to do things like this. Or at least that's how I explain it to myself when I hear about how people are so overwhelmed by this.

But mark my words - given how my Dad's pr machine works (my brother has been in the news since he was 14 - when Newsday covered his Bar Mitzvah - and Good Morning America picked it up, too) Adam will be singing the Star Spangled Banner at a Yankees or Met's game soon enough...

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