Monday, June 12, 2006

Kinda awkward

How funny is that picture. THey are totally getting into Star Wars now....

Went to the recital yesterday & it ended up that X came. He called Friday to ask what time it was. I had emailed him 25,000 times telling him about it - asking if he was coming -- but never heard back. I suppose that's the one thing I have to learn --- tell him once, then forget it. He's a big boy.

But anyhow, I was there w/my parents & he came up - said hi - then went to his seat.

And it's so strange... co-parenting with this person - having shared pride in your kids.... and they're sitting somewhere else - and you're not talking to each other about it, or giving each other those little smiles when you see your child do something.

I'm going through this interterminable recital & want to say to him: "wow, wasn't Nathan good" - or even just to gossip about somebody there, who we both knew - and used to joke about - and my parents don't... And that's strange.

And my dad says "Should we invite him for lunch?" Huh? Me: "Do you WANT to have him for lunch?" Dad: "No, but for the kids...." I said no -it gives them mixed messages. And besides - I did not WANT to have him join us.

WHile we were waiting Nathan had to go to the bathroom. I went backstage to get him & Max wanted to go, too. I brought them back out & we walked by X. He saw us. said "Hi" to the kids & took them to the bathroom. So I figured, this is probably the best it is/could be. We're both there, both looking after them - they know we're all there.... for them - and that's that.

But it was still strange.

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Trish said...

I can imagine it would be strange, awkward, weird. I can hardly imagine it, but may have to myself some day.
From watching my mom and dad go through this, I know it gets easier. It's been over 20 since they divorced and now they get together for Christmas and other holidays.

I love your blog, by the way. Great writing and pictures!