Monday, July 31, 2006

We have one!

We have a pet. A gerbil. I had been tossing the idea around in my head for a bit & then just thought: What the heck?!?!? So, when the kids were over with the X - on Saturday - J and I went to the pet store to get one.

It was so cool, great, wonderful, fun, nice, super.... and probably many other adjectives that I can't think of at this early morning hour - to do this with J. YOu know, when you date it's mostly..... well.... going out on dates. Going places. Doing things. Having fun. It's not so much normal life. And I think a bit, with us, because sometimes it feels like we're grabbing bits of time between his schedule and mine - and his his and mine -- that we try to squeeze in more "fun" things.

So, what I'm saying is: It's fun to do the fun things. It's great. It's...... well... it's........... Fun! But it's also really nice to do the normal things. Coooking, shopping, reading the paper... and: Buying small furry rodents!

So, we went out Saturday morning(ish) to buy a gerbil. We got a small black one, with a really cool duplex cage. Got it home, got it set up, J left - and the kids came in.

"We have a PET! We have a pet!!" It's funny 'cause they really obviously didn't care what the "pet" was - just the idea of having one! We named it Shadow. After the Shadow Ranger. So, his (or her, because we don't know its gender! Gentle gerbil gender. Gentle giant gerbil gender. Sorry. Had to say that. The g'thing........ you know.... Ok. I'll stop.)

ANYHOW. Nathan wanted to name it "rat" but we stuck with SHadow. He seems to be adjusting nicely. Still hasn't found it's upstairs level yet -which is where it's cute little house is. (I'll take a photo & post. Didn't want to overly traumatize the little guy yet w/the flash....) but I put an empty box in and he seems glad for the solititude. (Hey, I am too in this house!)

Probably going to get him the gerbil living room set in a week or two. (Yes, they have those!) Just 'cause it's so damn cute!


Twin Squeaks Gerbils said...

Congratulations on your new gerbil! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to laugh that someone who was so upset about having a mouse in the house went out and bought her own personal rodent. :) But I am anxiously awaiting photos of Shadow!

Gwen said...

LOL at Julie! and at the welcome to world of gerbil society. I can't tell Charlotte about this because literally, every day, she asks me in her most unpleasant whiny voice: "when am I going to get a pet?" and when I name all the nonthreatening pets she could get (fish, turtles, etc.), she says, "No, I mean, when am I going to get a puppy?"